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      With the tremendous increase in Gold prices Cash for Gold shops are emerging everywhere.  Gold and precious metal buying is being monitored and regulated by law enforcement not only in pawn shops but now in the jewelry and stand-alone gold buying shops.  Without a good computer software package meeting these law enforcement requirements can be difficult.  The independent gold buying shop owner has unique business software needs and before now their choices to fill those business needs with software were limited to products designed for the larger chain stores.  Those products usually included many features they didn't need but had to pay for anyway.  Also they frequently included costly annual licensing and support fees, fees that did not fit into the budget of a startup or mid-size shop. 

      Gold Buy Wizard is included as standard in our Pawn Wizard product line.  We built our products from the ground up for Microsoft Windows® operating systems.  We are time tested and proven in pawn shops across the country since 2002.  Our new Gold Buy Wizard Deluxe 2009 is shipping now and has support for the newest Microsoft Windows® operating systems and is based on the solid technology of our pawn shop software.  We were the first and currently the only pawn shop software with support for both Microsoft Vista® & Windows 7® 32bit & 64 bit operating systems!  We now have users in 46 states, Canada & Puerto Rico, a tremendous record of growth in 8 years

   Read on to the next page and see all the features we have built in as standard to GoldBuy Wizard.

Affordable and Easy-to-Use Cash for Gold Shop Software

Customer Oriented

  • Lookup Customers quickly with any portion of their name
  • Complete all of a customer's transactions from a single screen
  • Magnetic, 2D barcode or OCR Scan of Driver’s License for quicker Customer data entry or lookup
  • Show Tickets, Completed Transactions or All Transactions for any Customer quickly and easily
  • Adavanced Search allows you to associate items with tickets or tickets numbers with customers easily
  • Automatically stores Customer’s current and past addresses and photos and allows you the ability to view previous addresses and photos along with the dates they were modified
  • Maintain extensive Prioritized Note History on any Customer stamped with employee code, date and time info

Buys and Sales Handled on a Single Screen

  • Handle multiple transactions with your Customer from a single screen
    • Create a new Buy Ticket
    • Automatic calculation of gold prices based on market prices
    • Create Sales ticket for one or multiple items. Reverse Tax feature too!
    • Create new layaways, take payments or pickup existing layaways
  • Speedier Data Entry for Buys with automatic costing based market metal rates
  • Full Layaway module
  • Instant Loan Calculations
  • Advanced Inventory included, filter items by type or status
  • Split inventory items into multiple items
  • Bin/Bulk inventory item function
  • Barcoded retail inventory labels
  • Barcoded retail jewelry labels, barbell style
  • Location management at checkout or batch at later time


  • Balanace Cash Drawer feature modeled just like traditional cash register, "X" or "Z" function balancing
  • Monthly Summary Reports
  • Daily Transaction Detail reports
  • Daily Transaction Summary Reports
  • Cash Paid Out Report
  • Inventory Reports by Merchandise Type or Status
  • Open Layaway Reports
  • Inventory Sold by Date or Merchandise Type Reports
  • …. And even more Reports to keep you on top of your business!

Administrative and Compliance Features

  • Uses integrated Laser e-Forms. No more big boxes of forms to store. A Wizard exclusive!
  • e-Forms can be updated electronically for Compliance with Local Regulations
  • Company Information setup screen for easy Administrative control
    • Enter Company address and contact information for printed Notices and Invoices
    • Configure Default Rates and Percentages for your store
    • Pre-Configured for your State requirements
    • Cash Drawer Support
    • Custom cost encoding on retail price labels
  • Automates uploading/downloading of required Police Files with LEADS Online
  • Custom Police Reports to Disk or Printer
  • Law Enforcement Hold/Confiscate management
  • VOID all ticket types
  • Employee Login/Security function with over 30 security events and 9 security levels
  • Setup different Printers for different tasks or use just one printer for all tasks
  • Network/Multi-User Option
  • Quick and easy backup function


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