Cost / Benefit Analysis

     As a pawnshop owner you are in the business of loaning money.  The less you have to spend on software,  maintenance and operationg costs the more money you have to put "out on the streets" to generate income for your store. Below we'll illustrate how by using Pawn Wizard will provide you with additional money to loan the first month and into the subsequent years as well.  Every dollar you don't have to use for software and maintenance/support fees is money that can be earning interest for your store!

    For a new shop the cost saving benefits are the easist to illustrate but as you will see they can also be applied to exisitng shops.   To do a proper cost/benefit analysis we will show you comparisons between the cost of ownership of Pawn Wizard versus the other leading products.  Let's compare cash outlay and income. 

Other Leading Products

Single-user Software Purchase Price    $2500-4,500 or more,

Required annual support/re-licensing fees    $500- $1,500 or more


Pawn Wizard Deluxe

Single User Example Pawn Wizard Price                $ 1095

Required annual support/re-licensing fees $ 0


        Based on the above numbers let's do some basic math.  In a typical state pawnbrokers earn 20%-25% in interest and fees on money they loan out.  Let's show how much more money you earn by just investing the savings you gain by using Pawn Wizard over the competition. 

      Your 1st year savings on software purchase price  Competitor's $2,500-$4,500 minus a Pawn Wizard cost $1095 equals an additional $1,500-$3,500 in more money to loan!  At 20% monthly that will earn you $300-$700 extra per month or $3,600- $ 8,400 in the first year alone, not counting the compounding of revenue that these funds would earn.

      In your 2nd and subsequent years the savings really begin to compound because you still have the money you saved on your software purchase earning you that $3,600 - $8,400 each and every year.  Now add the savings on required annual support/maintenance fees which gives you another $500 to loan out at 20% earning you another $1,200 - $2,400 per year.  That brings your 2nd year income generated solely from loaning out money you would have spent on software and re-licensing/support to $4,800 - $10,800 or more.  These numbers only continue to compund and grow year after year.

  The choice is simple: Buy Pawn Wizard and invest the rest in your business!



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