Wizard Software Support Policies & Guidelines

Technical Support Guidelines

Intent of our Support Program Guidelines

We at Wizard Software continue to strive to offer the highest level of quality technical support to all of our loyal customers.  In order to provide all our customers with support in a timely manner and to assure that we are able to properly handle your technical support needs, we have established some basic procedures and requirements.  We have set up these reference guidelines so that all of our clients can be served in the best possible manner appropriate to their individual needs.

What types of Technical Support are available?

Basic Support is available FREE for all licensed or evaluation Pawn Wizard clients. This option is appropriate for a computer user who simply needs to ask a brief “How do I…?” or other basic usage questions that can be answered in one to two minutes. Basic Support is available during our regular business hours Monday – Friday via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Most questions are handled within 1 business day. 48-72 hours or more may be required for replies on certain issues. Compliance with General Technical Support Requirements is required for all Basic Technical Support clients.  

Per Incident Support is available for those who need more than Basic Support and don’t have a Premium Support agreement or that have support needs that fall outside of that agreement for which they desire our assistance.  As of January 2009 our Per Incident support rates typically range from $195 - $375 for issues requiring immediate assistance, depending of course on the complexity of the support issue and other contributing factors (rates subject to change without notice).  The per incident support fee must be paid and processed prior to receiving support services.  Payment processing typically occurs with 4 business hours for credit card payments and 7-10 days for check payments. Per Incident Support is for resolution of a single incident or single specific problem only and does not cover future incidents or dates.  Compliance with General Support Requirements is required for all Per Incident clients. 

 Premium Support is for the client who wants top priority in having any question addressed or who wants to have Technical Support available to walk him through any questions or issues on a step-by-step basis. Premium Support is available to all customers on an Annual basis and includes all Program Updates and enhancements at no additional charge.  Internet access for the computer running Pawn Wizard is required, either via phone line or high-speed connection (preferred). Most issues are handled within 2 hours on the same business day but support times may be longer on complex issues.  As of January 2014 a single user license for our Premium Support Agreement is $295 on an annual basis (rate is subject to change without notice).    Enhanced Premium Support can also be purchased for unlimited calls, multi-user installations, 7 day a week support, or for extended business hours for an additional fee(s).  Compliance with General Support Requirements is required for all Premium Support clients. For details on what is covered in our Premium Support agreement <Click Here>

General Support Requirements

Your store must have a designated point of contact person to work with us on support issues.  For single user license locations there can be one primary point of contact and one backup point of contact person.  For multi-user license locations there can be 1 primary and 2 backup point of contact person(s).  We will not handle support issues for any others within your shop other than the pre-designated point of contact(s) you have registered with us.  This person must have basic knowledge of how to browse files in My Computer, send/open emails, attach files to email (if needed), and must also be able to perform basic copy, paste, and rename functions as well as follow step by step instructions.  Although we can work with users that don’t possess these basic skills, it can be considerably more time consuming, may affect your support times and/or costs accordingly, and under limited circumstances it may determine whether we are able to support your installation.   During a support issue we may ask you to provide us with files or other details from your local PC to assist us in identifying or correcting the problem.  If you fail to provide us with the requested information we may not be able to complete your support request.  Further if we make a determination that changes need to be made on your local PC's or network and you fail to make such changes we may not be able to resolve your issue and therefore we will not take any further action until such time as you are able to correct such items in your local environment.  Multi-user (network) installations must have a working Windows network.  Your PC’s must be able to “see and talk” to each other prior to us assisting you with installing or troubleshooting our products.   We DO NOT setup or configure networks, firewalls, anti-virus or routers that may afftect our software's functionality.  It is your responsibility to configure such hardware accordingly.

NOTE:  We do not support issues relating to problems outside of our product such as connectivity issues on your local printers, installing a computer network, configuring PC’s, or issues with your Operating System, Anti-Virus or Firewall software, etc. We cannot support any customer using equipment that fails to meet our Minimum System Requirements  <Click Here>.

What Does Premium Support Cover?

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